Wear Swatch Skin, # 自在 如 你 #

SKIN —— It has opened a new era for Swatch’s thinnest watch series.
   Excited by the unknown, beautiful by the movement, and expected by the change. All these have given Swatch SKIN series infinite inspiration. The latest 11 men’s and women’s watches with minimalist design styles are released, and two dial sizes are launched. The brand-new watch model is full of classic, simple and elegant temperament, and the case uses an innovative overmolding process, showing a unique two-color wave pattern on both sides.

   Whether it is the beautiful ‘SKIN Nude’ or the eye-catching ‘SKIN Cool Black’, each watch has a striking wave pattern element, and incorporates a gem-cut crown design to create a refined and elegant dial. This watch series is a classic and versatile, and this time launched two sizes of regular and big dials. The slim and light design brings the wearer a free and free and flexible experience.

# 自在 如 你 #
   The feeling of movement and freedom is reflected in all the design details of the SKIN watch. Why is it “moving”? Inspired by dreams, ideas, and opportunities, everyone’s life is constantly experiencing various changes. This is the story that ‘自在 如 你 #’ wants to tell. With the theme of exploring freedom, it shows that at certain critical moments in life, people choose to embrace their emotions, actively try to change, and dare to explore the unknown. The SKIN series strongly advocates self-expression because it is a source of self-confidence and autonomy. This year, the Swatch SKIN series will illustrate these profound extensions with different stories on the brand’s official social media platforms.

Updated: 30. March 2013 — 0:37
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