What Are The Cheap And Good Swiss Watches Within 10,000 Yuan?

Swiss watches are often seen as a symbol of status and taste. Tens of thousands of Swiss watches are commonplace, and hundreds of thousands or millions of Swiss watches are still paid, basically belonging to ‘the emperor’s daughter does not worry about marrying.’

Not all Swiss watches are as expensive as this one

This has caused us an illusion. It seems that the Swiss watch always makes ordinary people ‘can’t afford to climb high’, only to stand on the side and then swallow. In fact, just like Russian women are not all beauties, Swiss watches are not all that expensive, and some Swiss watches are more grounded and of good quality. As long as you haven’t fallen into the Di Bao guarantee, you have every hope to take them home.

Wow, these Swiss watches can be bought for less than ten thousand

The brands introduced in this article have mainstream prices of less than 10,000 yuan, and they are all authentic, authentic Swiss watches. In this price range, I believe most people can win without gritting their teeth.


Mido is a brand that works hard on design. I think the most successful place is design. Design is also the soul of Mido. Although I am not a member of the Appearance Association, I have to say that design is too important for a Swiss brand that is close to the people.

Whether it is a formal watch like Belem Sairee or Bruner, or a diving watch like a helmsman or pilot, the value is very high. Coupled with the extremely ‘lethal’ price, it is basically one of the preferred brands of Swiss watches within 10,000.
Berenceli Collection Series Commemorative Watch (Part 1); Helmsman Series Passer Special Long-Kinematic Automatic Mechanical Watch (Part 2)

My first Swiss mechanical watch was Mido. At that time, I basically knew nothing about wristwatches, but I felt that Meidu was really beautiful and sexy, so she was ‘seduced’ willingly, and eventually held the beauty (Dudu). Facts have proven that my choice is correct. This watch has been around for six or seven years, and it has gone well. Only one maintenance has been done in the meantime.

Mido Berencelli bought a few years ago

Mido’s parent company is the well-known Swatch Group. It almost includes some of the most familiar watch brands in China, such as Tissot, Longines, Radar, Omega and so on. Due to the brand positioning, Mido does not have a strong reputation for self-produced movements and polishing. However, relying on the ‘big tree’ of the Swatch Group, Mido need not worry about the movement supply.

Pilot’s Watch Long-Range Titanium Waterproof Watch

Commander Series Silicon Hairspring Long Kinetic Observatory Certified Watch

Belem Série Graceful Long Kinetic Mother Of Pearl Real Diamond Watch

There are many observatories under Mido. We know that watches that pass the Swiss official observatory certification generally cost tens of thousands of yuan, and Mido astronomical watches usually do not cost more than 10,000 yuan, which is one of the most cost-effective observatory watches. In terms of movement, the current ‘main player’ is Caliber80. This self-winding movement has an 80-hour power reserve, and some models are also equipped with a silicon hairspring, which has a very good performance in terms of accuracy and anti-magnetic properties.


It is difficult to define Tissot in a sentence or two, because in this brand you can see many different aspects, both the youthful and lively side, the traditional calm side, and the high-tech side.

Colorful Tissot

It is these different aspects that have created our familiar Tissot. Tissot watches are very rich. A cursory look, there are probably more than twenty series.

   Le Locle

Tissot has a well-known series of Leloc, which is named after Leloc, the birthplace of Tissot’s brand. In the first half of last year, he and the technical consultant and independent watchmaker Guo Ming of the watch world visited the watch sacred place in Switzerland together, and one of the stops was Leloc. There are no places of interest in this place, but the watch industry is well developed. Compared to the surrounding low-rise houses, the Tissot factory on the hillside is tall and magnificent, which may be one of the best buildings in the small town.

Tengzhi series second generation solar professional watch

Porsche Series NBA Special

Few Swiss brands are good at both traditional mechanical watches and high-tech quartz watches, but Tissot does it. If Lilok, Baohuan and Haozhi represent the strength of Tissot’s traditional watchmaking, then Tengzhi represents the skill of Tissot in driving high-tech quartz watches. Although most people think of Japanese brands when it comes to quartz watches, Tissot has opened up a road of its own, and has walked down this road and achieved many results.

In terms of price, Tissot also brought us a lot of surprises. From quartz watches of one or two thousand to mechanical watches of thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan, everything is available, which can fully meet those who want to buy a Swiss watch, but do not want to spend too much. Consumer demand for money.


Perhaps compared with the above two brands, Certina is relatively low-key in China, but it is low-key without losing its style, and its characteristics are very obvious. The main features of Certina are waterproof, shockproof and durable.

Do you think these features sound familiar? That’s right, it’s a little Rolex. Therefore, many people affectionately call Certina ‘Little Rolex.’ For those who want to buy a Rolex water ghost, but also feel that the price exceeds the budget, Certina is indeed a good choice.

DS-1 Himalayan Special Edition

Certina is a long-established brand that was established in 1888. As early as the late 1950s, the brand introduced DS double insurance technology. This technology later became Certina’s signature technology. With the advent of DS double insurance, Certina has reached a new height in both water resistance and earthquake resistance.

Maybe many friends don’t know what DS double insurance technology is. It can be understood that the DS double insurance technology is equivalent to ‘buying two insurances’ for the watch, greatly eliminating your worries.

DS Action Lady

Specifically, DS double insurance technology starts from the mirror, crown and case back, including highly wear-resistant sapphire crystal, O-ring washers on the crown and lever, and the reinforced case bottom cover. Complex sealing system. In this way, the watch seems to be covered with a sturdy armor, which can well cope with various harsh environments. All Certina watches now use DS double insurance technology.

DS Action Diver

Certina’s mechanical watches are usually priced at five or six thousand, and quartz watches are naturally cheaper. It is worth mentioning that Certina’s quartz performance is working towards a more precise direction, such as the Precidrive quartz movement easily certified by the Swiss official observatory, the accuracy is far better than ordinary quartz movement.

  Plum Blossom (Titoni)

Many people mistakenly believe that plum blossoms are domestically produced watches. In fact, this is an authentic Swiss brand. The watch factory is located in Grechen, Switzerland. Moreover, Plum Blossom is still an independent brand and has not been acquired by any luxury goods group. I heard a lot of rumors that plum blossoms were acquired by Hong Kong people, which is a bit like ‘a lie repeated a thousand times is the truth.’ At least Plum Blossom has not yet been acquired by Chinese companies.

Older generations are very fond of plum blossoms

The plum blossom complex is common in the older generation. At that time, there were relatively few Swiss watch brands entering the Chinese market. Plum Blossom was one of the brands that entered the Chinese market earlier, and because of its reliable quality, many older people have a good impression of Plum Blossom.

But this is not what it used to be. With the increasing number of watch brands entering China, and the trend of groupization, the plum blossom as an independent brand is also facing a lot of survival pressure. To be fair, the quality of plum blossoms is pretty good and the pricing is reasonable, but there seems to be a lot of work to do in marketing.

From the perspective of style, the design style of plum blossoms is conservative, and seems to be a little behind the times. Relatively speaking, I think the design of the high-end series of plum blossom master series has its own characteristics.

Master Series

This series are all observatory watches, the price is basically the same as Longines. However, if two watches are put together, it is estimated that most people will still choose Longines. Mainly because the popularity and influence of plum blossoms is not enough. But because of this, we should give more attention and support to plum blossoms, because in any case, this is a brand that seriously watches.

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